Our Purpose

Everything that we do is evaluated against our purpose:

To elevate environments of well-being.

Our Story

Our passion is ignited by the challenge of designing and crafting innovative furniture and other useful objects for fun, healthy, sustainable and productivity minded people. Every item has a story to tell, and we strive to find unique ways to connect to people's lives.  Some questions we can't help but ask include how do you make gatherings memorable, work sessions enjoyable, induce big smiles, and increase health on a community level.

We hope that you find joy, magic, wonderment and utility in our work, because we love doing it.


Our Company Values are central to everything that we do:

1. Well-being

Health, Happiness, Positive, Prosperity

2. Use Less & Give More

Enduring use, Always improving, Courageous, Sustainable

3. Clarity

Communication, Products and Services, Transparency

4. Acting Socially

Educate, Empower communities, Make connections, Be leaders, Charity, Cost competitive


Founder and Creative Director: Erik Winer

Erik is a building and space designer, entrepreneur and champion of strong communities. 

He believes in Imagining big and executing with sound business practices, constant curiosity and insightful research, design and craft experience. As a designer he is always looking to find ways to help people connect, find wonderment, joy and health. 

Head of Product Development: Heather Mylin 

Heather is a key component of our team as a maker, designer and business person. She creates the first prototypes of many of our pieces drawing on her experience owning a women owned welding shop.

Heather is always looking to give back, an example of which is her work in Africa helping local communities learn welding skills. Make sure to ask her about this truly inspirational story sometime.

Communications Director: Celeste Winer

Celeste brings a global perspective as she has literally seen and traveled the world.  Her $10B global business experience coupled with her communications skills brings valuable knowledge and worldliness.  Ask her about her travels to hear about her passion for connecting with various cultures and people first-hand.