• How old is the Modern Crafted brand?
  • Modern Crafted was founded officially founded in 2018 after the debut collection was in development for years by company founder Erik Winer.

  • Where is Modern Crafted headquartered?
  • Our company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


  • Where are Modern Crafted goods crafted?

    Our goods are entirely crafted in the United States of America.  We have partners in many states including Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and other states. 

  • Does Modern Crafted have a website and/or Social Media accounts?
  • Modern Crafted has a website where you can shop our collection. We have profiles on multiple Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) using @moderncrafted as our handle alongside our company hashtag, #moderncrafted.

  • Are there standardized color options for all Modern Crafted products?
  • Each product comes in different standardized colors. Please reference the Wholesale and Designer price sheets for color options.

  • Are there custom color options?
  • Modern Crafted offers over one hundred custom color options from the Ral color collection for our powder coated pieces.

  • Which colors and finishes are suitable for outdoor use?
  • All color options are suitable for outdoor use.

  • What the recommended materials for outdoor use?
  • We recommend our steel materials for outdoor use. If located in a coastal environment, we recommend our stainless steel material option to increase the longevity of the product.  Please let us know if you need stainless steel, and we will adjust the price accordingly. 

  • Does Modern Crafted produce items other than furniture?
  • Modern Crafted works with collaborators to craft pottery, lighting, jewelry, glassware and more items. 

  • How many total items are in the Modern Crafted?
  • Our line currently includes 100 products of varying styles and functionality.

  • Are all items always in stock?
  • Most items are made to order which keeps us more sustainable.

  • If items are in stock, what is the lead time?
  • Once we receive payment we can ship in stock items within 48 hours.

  • If items aren’t in stock, what is the lead time?
  • Our standard lead time for individual items that are made to order is 3-6 weeks.

  • What is the lead time for custom color options?
  • Our approximate lead time for pieces in a custom color is 4 - 6 weeks.

  • What’s the Modern Crafted weight capacity?
  • Our seating has an approximate weight capacity of three hundred pounds.

  • What environments are Modern Crafted products best suited for?
  • Modern Crafted pieces are fit for all environments, but we recommend extra care for pieces in harsher climates. Additionally, we purchasing the items in the Stainless Steel option that is design specifically for moisture-heavy environments.

  • What is the recommended care for pieces placed outdoors in harsh climates?
  • If pieces are placed outdoors in inclement weather, we recommend storing products in a moisture controlled space. If pieces are exposed to moisture, we recommend drying the piece with a dry cloth.

  • Are Modern Crafted products free of Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) ?
  • All Modern Crafted products are free of VOCs. 

  • What other environmentally friendly measures does Modern Crafted take when producing its products?
  • Modern Crafted aims to reuse any materials that we can when producing our goods and designs eco-friendly packaging to maximize the amount of product packaged in one box.  Most importantly, Modern Crafted pieces are made to endure.

  • To inquire about becoming a Modern Crafted partner, please email ewiner@moderncrafted.com
  • If you are working on a commercial project we offer trade pricing, please email ewiner@moderncrafted.com for more information.